ever question your purpose?

At some point in each of our lives, we ask the question, “What’s my purpose?  Why am I on earth?”  I think this is a universal human question & there are lots of ways to answer this line of questioning, but here’s a simple approach that God has been dealing w me on of late:

I believe that a significant reason that I’m alive is to raise the awareness of Jesus in my world.  Raising this awareness happens in a VARIETY of ways:

  • sometimes through a direct conversation, helping someone see God’s hand moving in their life, asking a question that helps a person reach out to Jesus, praying for a person when they express a need, . . . . .
  • sometimes through an act of kindness, a smile, a friendly gesture, an encouraging word, letting someone go in front of you in a line, serving a person, generous forgiveness, . . . .
  • sometimes through a provision, being generous with our resources (time, energy, finances), paying for the coffee of the person behind you in line, giving a homeless person a meal, giving a starving baby meals for a month with saving moses ,) , . . . .
I want my life to make Jesus attractive to the people with whom I interact – not just because its Easter week & the seasonal trend to invite people to church (although let’s all get really motivated & bring hordes of friends to church).  I want to spread the fragrance of Jesus wherever I go.  I want to illuminate His presence in all my conversations.  I want to express His genuine love with His extravagant provisions.  For me, let this purpose be the preoccupation of each day.

3 thoughts on “ever question your purpose?

  1. What a wonderful purpose, Sarah. And you do it very well 🙂

    I’m learning that my purpose is to help people live healthy lives so that they can radiate Jesus. I think it’s very hard, but definitely not impossible, to give all you have to give if you don’t feel well.

    It’s a beautiful thing when people realize the path that God has for them & they become purposeful in seeking that path.

    Great post!

  2. Yes Sarah, I have often questioned my purpose. Even after I think I know what it is I question it again and again. The one line from Rick Warren’s book that I take away with me time after time is this, “It’s not about me.” To me this means that everything I do, even just a smile offered to a stranger, can show the love of God. So I keep trying.

    Wonderful post dear Sarah.

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