the power of influence

On Mon, my son, Benji, came home from VBS & announced that he wanted a mohawk haircut.  Now Benji is a fairly expressive little man so I don’t have to guess what’s on his mind too often.  When he came home, he was quite ademant that he wanted a really obvious mohawk, complete with the sides of his head shaved bald.  His exact quote to me was, “Mom, shave the sides bald!”  Generally, I’m a pretty laid back mom & so I whipped out the clippers & did my best to shave the sides bald & give him a really good mohawk.  I soon found out that his reason for wanting this uber slick mohawk was because his group leader in VBS, Josiah, was sporting a mohawk.  Furthermore, Benji is assigned to be Josiah’s asst leader – so he wanted to be sure to look as much like his leader as possible.  Hence, the power of influence.

This has got me to thinking about the different influences that we allow in our lives.  Influences come in all shapes & sizes:  people, web, TV, conversations, family, magazines, books, etc.  With this in mind, perhaps we should consider evaluating what we allow ourselves to be influenced by & if such influences are healthy.  As adults, in large part, we have the power to decide what we allow to influence us.  Even moreso, we have the power to decide how we will respond to such influences.  As such, let’s be super mindful of what we put into our minds, of our conversations and of the influences that we allow in our lives 🙂

Garbage in makes for Garbage out.  Genuine love in helps make for genuine love out 🙂

2 thoughts on “the power of influence

  1. yes, the power of influence is so important especially for our children. Benji looks great with his mohawk and I like why he wanted one too. thanks for wuch wonderful insight Sarah.

  2. It was fun to see a family picture. Makes people tangible. Thanks very much for posting your blogs & tweets, and for being on TV with your mom. I really enjoy what you write and watching both of you. I learn lots.

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