the missing wallet

 Do you ever get on a mission about something?  Recently, I lost my wallet so I was on a mission to find it – I checked the car, my backpack, purse, couch cushions, kitchen counter, . . . asked Reece, asked my kids, . . . . you get the picture.  As I was searching, I was shooting up some quick prayers, asking for some divine help & sure enough, I lifted up a towel in the laundry room & voila, the lost was found.  Needless to say, I was really relieved – but my point is that I was on a mission to find my wallet.

This summer, my husband & I are on 2 missions:  he’s going to Haiti & I’m going to Cambodia for @savingmoses.  Truthfully, we’re a big missions family – its important to us for lots of different reasons.  As such, we adjust our time, energies & moneys to reflect our commitment to missions.  Over the next 2 weeks, I’m planning to blog during my travels & hopefully, give you some really cool insights, perspectives, etc related to being on a mission.  So keep your eyes peeled & if you’re inclined, please don’t fight the urge to subscribe to my blog, using the RSS feeder to the right – much easier than coming back to look for updates 🙂

One thought on “the missing wallet

  1. I can relate to your experience. The missing of small things such as locking your keys in your car, misplacing your house keys, not finding your pen or pencil when you really need it to sign something really quick, not finding your credit card or atm in your walet right away, the mail man not showing up as expected, your pay check getting delayed unexpectedly, and so on and so forth, all cause us sudden anxieties and worries which can feel to us precepitous and unbearable because they cause us to shift our focus quickly. The best way to overcome such circumstances is by keeping our faith in God. God is there for us no matter what happens! Remember the great promise that the father has promised us which is the coming back of the messiah jesus, it will be precepitous, quick, in a twinkling of an eye, like a flash of lightening. In the same way he was taken away (missing), he will come back. When he comes back he comes back with geat joy and peace because he is the prince of peace. Any thing that is missing is missing to be found back again. Amen! God bless you richly!

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