A Tribute to my Mom

Today is my mom’s 80th bday & I’m extremely happy to see such a great outpouring of love, respect & well wishes for her. She is a remarkable woman & has touched countless numbers throughout the world.
As her daughter, I want to include a few thoughts on this milestone. Here are a few things that are deeply meaningful to me about my mom:
*she is thoroughly genuine – the same person you may hear teach the Bible at an event or on tv is the same person one-on-one.
*she doesn’t quit & she maintains her endurance, in part, by keeping her faith strong. It’s my opinion that she keeps her faith strong by memorizing books of the Bible (which she’s done for at least 35 continuous years)
*she maintains grace & poise in very difficult situations
*she is one of the best encouragers you’ll ever meet
*she deeply loves Jesus

Happy birthday Mom!!

8 thoughts on “A Tribute to my Mom

  1. I have been touched by your mother too, Sarah. The few times I was able to attend Happy Church as a teen were by far the most memorable worship and learning experiences of my life. I still keep the notes I wrote from her teachings.

    Happy Birthday Marilyn! What a wonderful life you’ve had and have given in offering to others. I wish you many, many more blessed years!

  2. I cannot put into words how much your mother means to me. Her bible knowlege is superior, her love for Jesus is really real, her ability to handle difficult people in a loving way, and most important for me, has been her stand on never giving up, keep on. Her voice was like an ointment for me when my son took his life. I trusted her, which kept me close to Jesus.

  3. Joyous Happy Birthday Marilyn! May God continue to extend your territory and may you serve Him for many more years to come. I wish you best of health, dynamic ministry, and God’s richest blessings be upon you. You have been faithful in your prayers and your rewards are great in heaven.I pray that you will receive your heart’s wishes for your this special day and God is going to answer your prayers. Be Blessed and stay joyful in Jesus.

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Your mom is a remarkable woman of God.
    Her love and enthusiasm for God is awesomely contagious!
    Thank you Sarah for sharing your wonderful mom with us; to me she’s mom, mentor, teacher and epitome of excellence!

    Happy Birthday Mom Marilyn, because of you countless lives, mine included, will never be the same again!!, may God continue to shoer you with an Ephesians 3:20 life, I love you and God loves you most!!

  5. The world is a much better place for you being in it Marilyn. I have listened to and been encouraged by you for many years and can’t tell you adequately what a blessing you’ve been to me. Thank you for all that you do and for just being you. God bless you, Wally and Sarah and her family as well.

  6. I think you said it well about your mother. Learning from her, working with her, and seeing the impact she has made through the years has caused a ‘generation blessing’ in my family.

    Thank you Marilyn and Sarah for your faithfulness! Happy Birthday!

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