Saving Moses is making headway :)

Today has been an extremely interesting day for saving Moses. This morning I had the great privilege of getting to minister to more than a hundred women with their small babies & kids about Jesus’ great love for them. These women form some of the group that saving Moses has been helping for almost 2 years in the way of some emergency medical care w pregnancies, formula for infants & help w some prenatal vitamins. It was extremely rewarding to get to be with these women & connect w their children.
Additionally, I was able to meet an amazing mom with a newborn. This mom had been a prostitute for more than a year, but she became pregnant by her boyfriend who had taken her out of prostitution. After she was pregnant for 7months, her boyfriend kicked her out of the house & she now lives w her 5week old baby in a slum. She doesnt want to return to prostitution, but she is struggling to find a job & care for her newborn, w no family support. Her story is deeply touching to me bc it is the epitome of what is happening to thousands of girls.
If you’ve been keeping up with our efforts to bring nightcare for the infants of prostitutes, we are starting to make some progress on that area. We had a potentially really fruitful conversation today & we’ll discuss this idea tomorrow w another organization, so maybe we will get to launch 2 nightcare faculties & not just one 🙂
Wouldn’t that be UBER COOL?!?!
so thank loads for all the prayers & please keep praying for us to have favor, wisdom & strategic appointments 🙂
Thanks much!!!