Killing Fields in Cambodia

Presently I’m riding in a tuk tuk (taxi in Cambodia) & we are driving out to the killing fields. Thirty five years ago in Cambodia, this country was ruled by a very violent regime called te Khmer Rouge. Some historians estimate that the KR killed up to 20% of the people in Cambodia in approximately 4 years. So we are now driving to an area that was one of the places where thousands upon thousands were killed – this area has been preserved in commemoration of the nameless thousands & millions who were killed under this despotic regime.
I’ve just finished going thru this memorial & all I can say is unbelievable. Let me gather my thoughts for a few minutes & I’ll come back to you.

While walking thru this memorial, I looked at the ground on the path where I was walking only to discover bone fragments, clothing remains & teeth. When it rains here, these things get pushed up to the surface of the soil. This is very unsettling & disturbing. They’ve found almost 9,000 corpses so far. I’m at a loss for words.
Maybe some of this experience will give me even more resolve with saving Moses to help make a better future than the recent past.
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