I have the great privilege of getting to lead  our amazing women’s ministry at our church – we call our ministry Jesus’ Chicks & I really dig what we’ve been doing this year, connecting with the women who interacted with Jesus in the Gospels.  Today, we had fantastic time looking at the Syrophoenician woman (try spelling that 6 times with no errors) in Matt 15, the one Jesus called a “dog”.  This woman takes my breath away for many reasons.  But perhaps the most powerful reason that I find her to be so magnificent is because of her astounding faith.  When you get a chance to check out this story, please note that Jesus’ silence caused His disciples to get irritated & annoyed.  In contrast, Jesus’ silence revealed the thoroughly outrageous faith of this woman.

So here’s my point, we will all go through seasons of silence with Jesus, but we get to decide if His silence will reveal our dysfunction & irritation like the disciples or if His silence will reveal a faith that is nothing short of breathtaking – the choice is solely ours 🙂