Easy yoke & lite burden

I was talking today w my team about when Jesus spoke on His yoke being easy & His burden being lite (Matt 11:28ff). We were having an honest conversation about how sometimes life doesn’t seem easy nor lite. Then someone talked about their experience in working w horses & using a yoke for 2 horses to pull a load. She described how most of the time one of the 2 horses is usually stronger & takes the majority of the load while the other horse just tends to stroll in synch w the stronger horse, especially on level ground.
I thought that this was a powerful illustration in relation to staying in step w Jesus, as our primary strength & not relying on our own power, wisdom nor efforts. In essence, our main challenge can be to stay in synch w Jesus & to let Him carry our burdens. Perhaps another thought worth considering is the idea of yoke & burden ownership. From time to time, I find that I’m carrying burdens & pulling yokes that Jesus never gave to me – they’re self inflicted. So sometimes, Jesus gives me a friendly wake up call & He helps me to re-prioritize my responsibilities & energies to stay more in step w His assignments & objectives 🙂
Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus & know that He’s helping us along with each step in our lives!

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