a helpful secret

 We all get put into situations that aren’t comfortable for us: conversations that make us squirm, meeting people who are intimidating, tasks that seem impossible given our skill set, expectations to which we never agreed, etc.  There are a myriad of things that can make us uncomfortable & each person is unique with those discomforts.  Despite our individuality, I can propose a solution for these struggles that has universal application:  prayer 🙂

For me, prayer isn’t just the requests I make to God or the quiet time I spend in the morning, although these are most certainly very necessary expressions of prayer.  Here’s my secret:  when I get put into difficult situations or crazy conversations, etc, I take a pause moment in my heart & turn to God.  I listen & watch for some Divine input & without any surprise, God shows up.  Often, I’ll receive some helpful wisdom, sometimes I receive comfort & at other times, I seem to be more settled & secure so that the situation isn’t such a stress.

Prayer can be many things, including the inward turning or opening to God 🙂

2 thoughts on “a helpful secret

  1. Thank you Sarah for these nuggets of wisdom! I enjoyed your sermon when you came to visit us in Omaha, NE @ LOH church back in April. Your mother Marilyn Hickey is also amazing!
    Bless you both for doing Kingdom work!


  2. Sarah,

    I have just started watching you and your mom on tv and enjoy the Biblical teachings and your healing ministry.

    You made me laugh the other day as you shared your story of someone banging your car door with theirs – and you felt like ughhhh. It made me realize that we all struggle with these events and emotions.

    But I am inspired to keep growing in God’s word.

    Thank you for sharing and helping us to walk with God.

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