being content

When I was in Angola, I met some absolutely magnificent moms.  One of the things that continues to captivate me is their ability to endure tremendous suffering (loss of multiple children, rejection, hardship, deprivation, etc) & yet some of them maintain a serenity, joy & contentment that I don’t often see in my normal daily living.

While in Angola, I had the privilege of visiting one of these moms at her home & it was as I had expected – small, efficient, clean & made of mud cinder blocks w a dirt floor.  She had a few posters up & one of them was this really big picture of Jesus with an encouraging Bible verse.  When I asked her about this poster, she explained that it belonged to her.  As I continued to look around, I saw a Bible & another verse over the top of the doorway.  When I looked deeply into this mom’s eyes, there was tremendous love, joy & contentment.  I believe that she lives the reality of Philip 4:12 – being content in any & all circumstances.

From this experience, it is really clear to me that contentment isn’t an external achievement, the lack of suffering, relational bliss, the accumulation of cool gadgets, trendy clothes, etc  It seems to me that genuine contentment comes from continual fellowship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit, our true north.  Let’s not settle for anything less