what is impossible?

Sometimes it seems like my life is filled with  impossibilities   – things I want to accomplish, but they seem almost stupid to consider because of the difficulties associated with these things.  One of these things is my dream with Saving Moses to see Night Care become a multiplied reality throughout all of Asia (Night care is the care & oversight for infants & toddlers during the evening hours while their moms are working in prostitution.  On this topic, please do not judge the importance of this project, based on the profession of these moms).  Nevertheless, many of these dreams & goals seem more than lofty – they seem impossible, when I only look at them.

However, when I look at these dreams in the context of my loving Heavenly Father, I sometimes feel like my dreams are too small, based on the immensity of my Father.  So in this conundrum, I find myself taking one day at a time, making a little progress here & there, but knowing in my heart that no dream is impossible with God, including yours!!

3 thoughts on “what is impossible?

  1. Sarah,
    May the Lord perfect those things concerning you..the dreams..visions He had placed in your heart. This is a great need to show love..a great vision.
    My seed today will be a seed of prayer that the Lord will send you the help you need and open doors wide open to effect change in the mother’s lives.

    • I agree in prayer with you Jimmie, for Sarah.. Also, i don’t understand face book or how to sign up for it but i want to thankyou Jimmie for your wonderful “web site” i believe it is called. When i clicked on your name i was blessed with several Christian videos. Now I am receiving them daily. What a great blessing! Thankyou again.

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