celebrate the past :)

 Now that we’ve come through the Christmas season, it seems like its common to reflect on the various events of 2011 & with this reflection, you might find yourself taking a longer trip down memory lane.  Maybe you remember some of your failures & shortcomings (times when you hurt someone or tried something new that turned out awful).  Or better, maybe you remember some of your past victories & successes (like seeing John Elway on the Bronco’s sideline watching Tim Tebow).  Perhaps you remember some of the pains that have happened to you from the past (letting that forgiveness exercise continue to work through you).  Whatever our past has been, with failures, pains & successes, its good to celebrate the past.  Such celebration is important so that we don’t get trapped in thinking that our past is better than our future, nor quagmired in the error that our past controls our present.  Furthermore, celebrating our past is a great way to acknowledge that we all change, grow & get better.  While I may not be where I want to be in my life, at least I’m not where I was ,)

One thought on “celebrate the past :)

  1. Satan wants us to LIVE (stay Focused) in our past, so that he can rob (steal-be the Thief he is) us of our Present & Future God has for us, getting our Focus OFF God!!!

    Whenever God forgives us of our sins He remembers them NO MORE!!! They are as far as the East is from the West, so why we(you) keep reminding Him of our(your) past sins & failures, He doesn’t Remember them-QUIT REFRESHING HIS Memory of your past!!! “Let the dead Dogs lie & remain where they lay!”

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