life is very good!

I’m sitting, thinking & praying about what to share with you today with lots of different things running around in my brain.  But when I’m quiet, I find myself thinking about many of the good things that are in my life.  With this idea, I want to encourage you to take a minute to inventory the many good things & blessings in your life.  We can easily get trapped in the negative & needy quagmire but the best way to get out & stay out is to recount (take an inventory) of the goodness of God in our lives.

Here is some of the “goodness of God” inventory in my life (hopefully, this will help you to get your “goodness” list going with a few ideas):

  • deep conversation w a friend 2 days ago to explore some thoughts about friendships,
  • great conversation with one of my kids this morning to help them make wise choices,
  • got the kids to school on time,
  • decaf because I can get caffeine jitters easily,
  • Saving Moses progress in making strategic partnerships & for God’s provisions
  • good care for my dad
  • love that I don’t deserve nor have earned – patient husband
  • people to help me with my weak spots (fashion, makeup, organization, tech, . . . )
  • God’s grace to overcome failures

There are LOTS more, but this is a good start – what are some of the inventory on your “goodness of God” list????  Please reply because this can be super helpful for all of us!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “life is very good!

  1. Surely God has been good to me & I cannot thank enough. He gave a godly husband who is a pillar of support in the face of childlessness for 9yrs now. I have a good job while many are jobless, I have a nice car & he keeps me safe everyday on deadly to work, infact the list is endless. To Him be all the glory.

  2. On my “goodness of God list” is a safe, comfortable home with wonderful neighbors. My sister Judey just visited me, sharing the fear she has living in a neighborhood of prostatutes and drug addicts. She signed a lease, not knowing the danger, and has 9 months to go in this area.We cried and prayed together. I believe our prayers have been heard and she will be protected.. I can’t thank God enough for my safe, comfortable home.

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