let’s grow with Tebow :)

 Ok, whether you like Tebow (the quarterback for the Denver Bronco’s football team) or not, he makes a very clear stand about his faith in Jesus.  There are lots of people who like him for his stand & lots of people who don’t like him for being so vocal.  This blog isn’t to applaud or criticize Tebow, but rather to encourage us to grow, mature, develop & change – and to foster development & growth in the people around us.

Some ways that we can encourage others to grow include:

  • applause – celebrate when those around you take a step that may be difficult for them, encourage persistence & endurance
  • constructive criticism – while we must of course be honest, being negative & critical doesn’t foster growth
  • listen – oftentimes, I find that many times I can find the answer that I need if someone will give me a few minutes of listening
  • pray – ask God to help the person that needs to grow & be open for God to show you areas in your life that need to change as well.  It’s not uncommon for me to be praying for someone else, andn God to show me some similar areas in my life that need to be improved, adjusted or revamped

And as for Tebow, whether you like him or not, I think we can agree that season has caused him to grow alot 🙂