gps adventures and “recalculating”

 a few years ago I discovered the joys & fun of using a gps when I visit and minister in other cities.  My first city where I tried this was in Dallas.  Now oftentimes, my way of doing things is the “ready, shoot and aim” approach.  Just jump in and figure it out as you go and my first experience with gps was no different.  I hopped in the car, plugged in the address where I going and proceeded to turn on a CD in the car and call a friend for a nice chat.  What I didn’t realize is that I would need to actually pay attention to the gps chick if I had any desire to get to my final destination.  As a result, I got SUPER lost and wound up driving for like three hours to try and get to where I was supposed to minister.

Since that faux paux, I’ve turned over a new leaf with my gps interaction.  Now I don’t really talk on the phone nor do I play music because I endeavor to give my driving and gps friend my undivided attention.  From using this strategy, my arrival rates have dramatically improved and I’m less late ,)

So here’s my point, if God’s voice is like our gps, it’s probably in our best interest to turn down and even possibly eliminate voices & noise that could possibly drown out His voice.  Seems to me that we might get farther & faster in learning God’s voice in our lives 🙂