Does someone frustrate you?

Recently, I had some interaction w a person that really gets under my skin.  I don’t like this person for various reasons that are of course justified in my mind.  So last night, God & I had a chat about this person. I was explaining to God how it was ok for me to be cold to this person because I had tried to be nice & respectful on many occasions and they had been super rude back to me.  God reminded me about how Jesus said to be kind to our enemies – not just to try & get them to be nice back.  Jesus said to love our enemies, full stop.  So ultimately, how a person responds to me, isn’t my responsibility.  It is, however, my responsibility on how I behave & treat others.

With that being said, unless God does something miraculous, I’ll probably never be “friends” with this person, but at the minimum, I can be nice.  May God help you & me to be gracious, kind & nice 🙂