daily fellowship

I always want my fellowship with Jesus to be getting deeper & more vibrant.  Some days my fellowship with Him seems to be deeper & more vibrant than others.  But I’m reminded about my relationships in my husband.  We most certainly have a good marriage, but there are lots of days where we just live together doing the daily routines and maintainence of family life.  We talk about the daily schedule for our family, our responsibilities, etc.  Just because every day in our marriage doesn’t have indescribable bliss and euphoria doesn’t mean that we’re not close or that we don’t have a good marriage.  Quite the contrary.

I think this is also true w our relationship with Jesus.  I think that some of the greatest fellowship & intimacy can come through including Him throughout the entirety of each day.  Jesus loves to be an integral part of our daily living – hence, daily fellowship 🙂

3 thoughts on “daily fellowship

  1. Sarah, this was such a confirmation for me today on your post. I just ;painfully beat myself up regarding my fellowship with God. I have had such difficulty balancing my fellowship time, my regimen & my daily responsibilities since the first of this year. I overcommited & now I am trying to go back & see what I really need to be doing. I include the Lord in my the things I do. And for you to say this, helped me so much, as I admire you so much. And your mother. You are just my favorites! I watch your show every morning. You Sarah, are such an example with your family & the ministry. I love you so much!

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