Some antidotes for worry

Worry seems to be a common ailment. Lots of people worry about lots of things- the economy, health issues, family challenges, school frustrations & lots more! Some worries seem to be justified & some are almost nonsense. Worry is common, but there are a few things you can do to overcome worry:
*pray the answer (God’s Word) more than the problem
*worship – exalting Jesus always makes my problems look smaller & smaller
*be careful about your conversations – complaining can be fuel for worry
*read a Psalm at breakfast, lunch, dinner & bedtime

Don’t let worry be bigger than Jesus in your life!!

3 thoughts on “Some antidotes for worry

  1. Thanks so much for your advice and tips! I struggle with worry, and keeping my focus on God really helps! I heard a quote once, “Don’t tell God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is!” God Bless!

  2. You go girl -great job!!! Great message – a friend of my step-son-law just drank himself to death (38 yrs old-just gave up hope / not a close connection to me personally but I know… rather, I am believing that an incredible message like yours delivered by you is just what the 25-40 yr old generation needs. May God richly bless “your ministry” to touch the world -in Jesus name

  3. Hi Me again, You and your ministry (is that singular or plural- mean the verb tense haha), anyway “were” on my heart. OK you know how Special and Chosen I believe you are – so ready for the first Sarah book that I know of – maybe you already have one- wait a minute going to check…great google stuff -nope/headed over to the mother ship/site -ahhh nope. Ok well, maybe not BUT you already have one done. The question is in your own imaginative creative talent how do you want to assemble it – Your Blogs from 08 until present most are timeless family/kids/life and would be an instant devotional (maybe even put it in Nook formonology so that you can utilize creative Youtube inserts), or just your daily one to get ready for 2013 release. That’s what I was directed to say – Good luck.
    Oh, by the way I know you’ve got the “Saving Moses” directive, my devotional thought was “How do you talk to Moses” (even tho Moses is dead Joshua 1:1&2). I mean when you are hurting/needing/wanting – you can go to the prayer messaging resources yahhh buttttt- But I mean, when you want to get to as close to God or those who are on a man to man/women to women resource because it “seems like” you are getting a busy signal (but in reality you are really too busy or overburdend to hear – so, how can I talk to the person who has a direct line (in no way demeaning the caring people at the telephone center), BUT I WANT TO TALK TO MOSES!!! How hard would you have fought to get to the front of the line especially if it is about your kids, your marriage, your world/situation – but Moses is dead 😦 SO HE SENT ALONG JOSHUETTE!!! Buck up (whatever that means) Joshua 1:5-9 – for YOU :), and, you can thank Ms.Sarah Young 3/29,and the young mormon mama pushing her dual seat stroller for the second half of this response/your generation wants to know that “God’s not dead”. Time to take the next step up…love and hugs

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