On being authentic

I had an interesting experience with someone that has really made me think about my behavior. I was recently trying to be very nice to someone & it wasn’t working. This person was responding with very rude behaviors & comments. Because they were acting so poorly, I wanted to be mean back & express that I was really displeased with their words & actions. I started to think about my behavior & suddenly I was confronted w the truth that I was being manipulative. I was trying to control the other person’s behavior by being nice rather than just being a genuinely nice because that’s who I am.
So here’s the quick conclusion: let’s be nice because we are nice people & not for the purpose of controlling another person’s behavior. Dear friends, let’s be nice because we are nice & not because we’re manipulative 🙂

3 thoughts on “On being authentic

  1. I totally agree with you Sarah. I have been in the same situation as you and just being you is the key to succeeding. If that person doesn’t come around they are probably holding themselves back; or they will come around in due time because they see you are for real and they just have to come to grips with that. All you can do is be you and pray to God for continued strength for yourself and that person.


  2. Pretty easy, you know what to do with that “dust”! The tough part is “this little light of mine” ugghh. Sounds to me like you have a handle on that situation – if not what a great pair of mentors you have to turn to – Mom & Jesus (should be a country song – haha). Thanks for being real and sharing what we all face – I think Joel has the best perspective, just smile 🙂

  3. Reading March blogs and as I was reading this one I felt a nudge by the Holy Spirit to seriously think about my motive for being nice to certain people. I need to pray that my “nice” will be genuine and not manipulative-and trust God to show me when I am getting into the manipulative behaviour. Thanks for your wisdom on this issue.

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