I’m back :)

I took at pause from blogging for a week or so & it’s been great to take some time to reflect and contemplate.  There’s lots to be said in favor of cultivating a strong interior life & sometimes we need a little retreat to make some progress in this area.  So I took a pause with exactly this intent – to strengthen my interior life.  It’s been super helpful because I discovered some areas that have become unhealthy & dysfunctional.  With the dysfunction, I was having some non-constructive behaviors, thoughts & attitudes.  There wasn’t anything overtly destructive, but getting still & quiet in my heart revealed some real challenges that I’m working through with the Helper.  As we work through these issues, I’m confident that I’ll be increasingly settled in my walk with God & less dependent on exterior living and affirmation.

Be very certain and secure that you’re highly valuable & deeply treasured by the Creator of the Universe 🙂