how to be significant

We all have a compelling desire & drive to be important & significant.  To this end, we do various things to achieve this goal.  We try to feel important through our achievements, or we try to gain significance through our relationships & associations.  Sometimes, we try to feel important by how we dress or by our material goods.  Whatever path we chose, it is my experience so far that any effort to feel important that doesn’t include Jesus is nothing less than a passing vapor and illusionary.

Lately, I’ve gotten trapped in the achievement illusion.  I find myself trying to feel significant by my achievements and continually disappointed.  This morning, I had a really rich conversation with God & He thankfully revealed this error to me.

  • We are valuable because God loves us, not because of what we do or don’t do.
  • We are significant because Jesus gave His life to be with us, not because of our material goods or our outward appearance
  • We are important because we were the ultimate desire for which God was aiming when the world was created, not  because of the people we know or with whom we assocaite
  • You are highly esteemed & treasured by the Creator of the Universe, just because 🙂