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I like to have lots of different kinds of friends.  I have friends with whom I talk sports, some that we talk about good books that we’re reading, others that we talk about spiritual issues, some that we discuss our kids and what’s happening in their lives, etc.  It seems to me that we each friend, there are some distinct conversational “sweet spots” and I’ve learned that there are various topics that are limited to certain friends.  For example, I don’t talk about sports with my friend who is my book buddy and I don’t talk about fashion with my “spiritual issues” friend.  Everyone definitely has their unique strengths and I love this!!

There is, however, one person with whom I I love talking about almost everything & that’s God.  But I think it’s unfortunate that even with God I find myself occasionly trying to limit the conversation because I don’t like the topic.  But  here’s the truth:  God is the only truly “safe” person with whom you can talk about literally anything and He will ALWAYS have constructive things to say to you, regardless of the topic.  Don’t limit your conversations with God 🙂

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  1. I grew up very rual area youngest of three mom wasn’t socially active dad always away working siblings always had other friends relatives their age so I never had opportunity to have friends other than in school only and I was way too shy and scared most of my school years, later few friends I did make were not as friends should be and by that time I was very self sufficient and it was okay I was okay with that as when I was 23 for the second time I gave my heart to the Lord but this time it was truly true because He was the only HOPE I had to cling to. Ever since then 31yrs. ago I still cling to Him Who Is THE ONLY HOPE. Jesus Christ became my Christ Lord King and sincerely my Best Friend. He is always there when no one else was or is. He is always holding tightly to my right hand leading me as I would never ever have the blessings I have now and I would have never ever made it through all that I have been through with out Him. I thank Jesus Christ for all that He is . Wouldn’t you like a friend like Him?

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