happy Resurrection!

 Easter is a GREAT day & I love it for lots of reasons:

  • it reminds me that Spring is imminent
  • it always makes me appreciate what it means to have a fresh beginning
  • it’s a day that infuses HOPE into any dark spots in my life
  • it reminds me that literally NOTHING is impossible
  • it is the ULTIMATE victory – rolling into one giant success March Madness, World Cup Soccer, the Superbowl, World Cup Rugby, the World Series and even more, making me aware that my team wins for time unstoppable
  • it is a tangible expression of the power of genuine love
  • personal resurrection – no situation in my life is exempt from the resurrection power of God

These are a few reasons why I love Easter!  In what ways is Easter meaningful to you???

2 thoughts on “happy Resurrection!

  1. I love Ressurection Day aka Easter as it is remembering the written Word of God Who lived for all creation Who suffered and died and raised Himself from the grave to save all His creation even the earth itself ….Ps.46…Therefore we will not fear Even though the earth quakes and the mountains slide into the sea…The Lord of God’s heavenly Host is with us…These are some of the things the resurrection of Jesus Christ reminds me of and means everything to me.

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