Some thoughts on being popular

Popularity is an interesting topic. We generally want people to like us & think we’re cool. We like to fit in & feel comfortable around the people with whom we interact – I think this is all pretty natural. Where we get into trouble with the popularity pursuit is when the popularity w people undercuts our popularity w God. It’s nice when our people & God popularity complement each other, but when when we have to make a choice between being popular w people or being popular w God, make the decision now to chose God.
In the long run, choosing God will always sort out with better results than trying to be popular w people 🙂

3 thoughts on “Some thoughts on being popular

  1. Perfect! I asked the Lord – you know I sure would like to talk to Sarah and boom within seconds- here you are God is such a great God! Your message today was magnificent Joseph / Conflict / Forgiveness etc. and now “Popularity” -Wow! Talk about the trials of a popularity contest. You know psychologists would probably say we strive for popularity because of an unfullfilled need(s) in our lives, and, maybe they are right. The question is – what do we fill it with God / TV / Junk Food / Things of this World ???? If we have an innate “need” in our life, then as MOM says, “got a need, plant a seed!” Soooo as we teach our kids to STOP/LOOK/LISTEN -maybe that is exactly what we should do when that popularity need crops up. Popularity isn’t bad but what does God want to show us – ask Him like Joseph to interpret and or show you – your personal dream. OK I’m going to step out there a little bit – If you want to talk about popularity in our day and age(s) haha, then there was no one like EP – hands down. Did you know as “popular” as he was – he only won 1 grammy in his lifetime – one – for his gospel album despite the millions of other records he sold. Wasn’t it great when God and popularity coincided – SMILE,. but needless to say he got away from his pentecostal upbringing and well, we all know the end of that story. Point being when God “allows” popularity and His will to coincide it is a double edge sword. Hmmm the pull of popularity and His Will be done. Just a thought, cause I needed to plant a seed

  2. Ooooops didn’t know there was different ads on the youtube EP download – please ignore ad or just delete – kinda like real TV, huh? Sometimes the medium overrides the message if you choose to let it. Smiles anyway

  3. Ok, hmmmm so I went back to check out my comment and of course I needed “a spiritual hymnal EP fix”, as previously stated – so I watched the video again, Whoa! do you know what you and EP have in common??? Check it out! Watch his hand and arm gestures, in which you are also very demonstrative – Wow!! That is onstage presence. There are a million musical entertainers who wished they had his capabilities. Now that is freaky but a wonderful gift and blessing actualized – you go girl!!!
    Keep up the good work

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