managing isn’t the same as growing

I have some weak spots in my life that can be really frustrating to me:  I don’t like it when I fumble meeting a new person, I don’t like it when I want to get back at someone for a petty insult, I don’t like it when one of my insecurities makes me look stupid & there’s lots more.  But I’ve been thinking about some of these things lately & I’ve decided that I have a choice:  I can manage these weak spots & work around them OR I can change & grow bigger than these weak areas.  I’ve certainly done much in the management realm, but I am feeling challenged to let the Holy Spirit work on me with the change & grow realm.

Ultimately, I’m very happy that the Holy Spirit continues to work with me, knowing that with His help, I can only get better & better!  How about you???  Are you managing or growing? 🙂