help for seasons of silence

There are times in my life when it seems like I can’t hear God well – almost like I’m getting the silent treatment.  In my early 20s, I had several months of silence & it was a profoundly difficult time for me.  As I’ve grown older, I still have some of these silent seasons, but they are not nearly as difficult for me as they were many years ago & here are a few things that have helped me when it seems like God is being quiet:

  • get closer:  when someone speaks quietly or softly, I need to get closer to them so that I can hear them better.  This is also something that has helped me with God – when it seems to me like God is being quiet, I get closer to listen better (get closer:  eliminate competing voices, re-prioritize my time, be more wholly present & less distracted)
  • stop talking:  I had a friend once tell me that they had decided to stop talking around me because I didn’t listen – a noteworthy lesson
  • test:  whenever a teacher gives a test, they usually try to make a quiet environment to help their students to focus & do their best.  Sometimes God tests us & this for various reasons (to reveal the things & people in which we trust more than God, to expose the reality of our need for God, to teach us some new ways to be with God)

2 thoughts on “help for seasons of silence

  1. Sorry ..Wait a minute, wait a minute I can’t help it…I just gotta put this one in Since 85-90% of everything we say is non-verbal, then how about God’s non verbal gestures?? The burning bush, the Red Sea, Jericho, the car wreck we just missed, the disease that passed us by….or….. maybe that is why Paul said he did something more than anyone Romans 8:25-

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