Another Bail Out :)

We all have busy lives & I genuinely want to do a good job being a mom, wife, encourager & human. So this afternoon, I accidentally double booked myself, again. I hate it when I do this, but when I got in the middle of this potential train wreck, the Holy Spirit came through, again to bail me out. The conflicting appointments got sorted out with a minimum of consternation & no injuries 🙂
The Holy Spirit reminds me yet again, that I earnestly need His help, maybe the most when I’m totally clueless. He swoops into my life & “saves the day” yet again 😀

a different form

The other day I read Mark 16:12, “After that, He appeared to them in a different from, to two of them while they were talking along their way to the country.”  This verse is after Jesus was resurrected & it was really powerful to me for lots of different reasons.  I think that many times we think of Jesus with certain expectations, often laced with religious overtones.  In my life, however, I’ve seen & experienced Jesus in many different forms & not only with my normal expectations.  Recently, I was in Cambodia with Saving Moses and our nightcare work.  We had visited a really bad slum & I was very overwhelmed from this visit.  When I mentioned my struggle with the slum to a friend, she encouraged me by saying, “The slum is exactly the type of place that Jesus would go to.”  This reminded me of the verse where Jesus says, “If you do this to the least of these, you do this to Me” pertaining to how we treat the poor, prisoners, etc.

So my take away is this – in our lives,  Jesus shows up in many different forms in our lives, so let’s keep our eyes peeled on how we can best serve Jesus! 🙂

I want to change

I want to change

There are things in me that I don’t like. I don’t like that I’m selfish, i dont like various insecurities that are tiresome & there are several more things in me that I’d like to be adjusted as well.
I’ve been thinking of these things lately & as I was reading Rom 5:3-5 this morning, something really struck me. It seems to me from these verses that there are several ingredients that are essential for the sustained changes that I want, 2 of which are essential: hardship & endurance. Indeed, I can see in my life that there are many good results from the combination of hardship & endurance. So I’m reminding myself to celebrate the process & journey to these changes that God is working out in my life 🙂

is there a design flaw?

 Recently in the mail, we received some weird piece of plastic & some directions about how to fix some design error on a lawn chair that we bought a few months ago.  When we buy new things, we expect them to basically be perfect & function properly.  If this doesn’t happen, we get upset.

I’ve been thinking about the whole idea of design flaws & what this looks like in humanity.  It seems to me that every person on the planet has some kind of flaw or shortcoming – too tall, too short, too poor, too rich, too selfish, too mean, too weak, etc.  We often spend some part of our lives trying to fix or remediate these flaws or weakspots.  It’s been my experience that any efforts I’ve expended on these flaws / weakspots that have not included God have not only been a waste of time, but often turn out to be harmful.  This has led me to think about how God has designed us – perhaps we have these shortcomings due not only to sin, but also because God has designed us to need our Creator – to be the fundamental relationship & source in our lives.  Just something to consider 🙂

some thoughts about the Aurora theater shooting

When I was in Cambodia, I heard almost real time about the Aurora Theater shootings.  Of course, I was super disturbed about everything & I continue to pray for the families & survivors.  Tragically, my city has walked some of this path before with the Columbine shootings & some of my feelings and reactions seem unfortunately familiar.  There are lots of reactions from anger & revenge to despair & grief – a wide gamut whenever I ask anyone here about how they’re doing.  While there is alot of evil in the world, be that in Cambodia, Denver, North Korea or in our neighborhoods, we must continually give ourselves to be agents of genuine love because love wins.

Momma said there’d be days like this

Well dear friends, I woke up this morning at 1:30 to find one of my kids sleeping in the chair in our bedroom. An hour later, another one woke up & by 4:30, 3/5 of the Bowling family was completely alert thx to a healthy dose of jetlag.
Since I’m quite familiar w the adventures associated w jetlag, I’d give us until around 3-5pm before we hit the wall. So for this day, regardless of what it holds, I’m choosing to let the peace of Jesus guard my heart & mind. I’m not interested in having a day of anxiety, stress or struggle. There is enough grace for each moment in this day, no matter what transpires. Same goes for you 😀

Goodbye & Hello!!

Today is our last full day in Cambodia. We have been here a week & it has been quite amazing. I love that I could have my family with me on this trip. I love that our church could connect with such wonderful people & ministry at New Life Fellowship with Pastor Jesse McCaul & his uber cool team. I love that I got to catch up w some of my friends & have some great connection & chats. I have loved this trip for a plethora of reasons.
This trip has been particularly significant for Saving Moses because it’s the 1st time I’ve been able to see nightcare up & running. Nightcare is how we take care of the infants of sex workers while they work. I think that probably one of the most powerful revelations of this trip has been the 100% need for nightcare. I heard stories about what happens to these babies while their moms work that would parallel the atrocities of various genocides in history. The longer I’m here, the more passionate I become about the need for nightcare.
We get to come home tomorrow, but part of me will stay here. Nightcare with saving Moses is all about the tangible & continuous expression of Genuine Love. Please help!!


Watching & Learning

This has been a pretty amazing trip so far with lots of different experiences & feelings. It’s been completely outrageous getting to have my family around, ministering, enjoying the culture with me & watching them fall in love with this fantastic country and people in their own unique ways. It’s interesting to watch them individually process the various experiences, challenges & opportunities. My kids were initially put off with the massive differences & now they seem pretty relaxed & almost casual about adjusting into this culture. My husband goes into his uber friendly & curious mode making all kinds of interesting observations & acquaintances.
I like to watch all of this because everyone has their own unique ways of adjusting & enjoying these experiences. They make the trip a much richer & diverse experience for me as their mom & wife.
So today, some of them have gone touring up to Siem Reap & one of my kids is staying with me to do some more work with Saving Moses. My thought on this is that while I’m COMPLETELY enjoying my family & our experiences, I also want to be engaged with I believe is disturbing to God’s heart – giving genuine love in places of indescribable horror & evil.
Needless to say, this trip is nothing less than amazing

Grace, rain & babies

Today has been quite interesting & to be truthful, I wasn’t looking forward to this day when I woke up. Yesterday was pretty rough for me emotionally & today’s schedule was supposed to be more of the same: lots of time in some really sketchy slums & talking with women about their babies & the needs that they have. When you listen to these amazing women (many who earn a living in the sex industry), sit on their “doorsteps” and get a glimpse into their lives & think about the future for their babies & children, it can be very disturbing. The more I listen, hold their babies & take in their day to day living, I find myself having trouble processing everything.
So today, I went slowly, listened, leaned intently into God & trusted one moment at a time. It also helped that we got to walk through a pretty big slum in the middle of a rainstorm so this put some freshness into the experience.
Please know that I really appreciate your prayers & encouragement. Thank you for helping me to sense God’s love as Saving Moses grows & is becoming increasingly effective.