When we wake up

Every morning when I wake up, I thank God for our faithful & loving team for www.savingmoses.org who look after the babies of sex workers in Cambodia. Our team looks after these babies with gentle care, genuine love, tender affection & hopeful transformation. During the daytime in America, it’s night time in Cambodia & we get to help nurture the potential for each baby that we care for while their moms work. I’ve met many of these moms & they desperately want a safe place of care & nurture for their babies while they work. The heart of nightcare is genuine love & without genuine love it seems to me that our world rapidly slides into pain, judgmentalism, anguish & depravity. I’m thankful that God is genuine love not only for me, but also for the babies of prostitutes 🙂


People are beautiful

I like to watch people in lots of different places – starbucks, airports, grocery stores, etc. Sometimes when I watch people I’m awestruck at how beautiful & magnificent each person is. Some people have beautiful eyes or beautiful hair. Some people have rustic beauty & others are beautiful because of their regal stature. But people are beautiful – made in the image of our Creator & everywhere, they are beautiful, way beyond being broken 🙂

cause & effect

When I was growing up, we had a trampoline in our backyard & I super enjoyed getting to jump, do tricks, play games & even lay on it to watch the clouds.  Our tramp was LOTS of fun!!  On the hurtful side, I learned very quickly about the painful effects of falling into the springs or landing on the steel frame or the mis-execution of a new trick – all very helpful lessons ,)

 With this idea, I’d like to encourage you to consider that many of our actions are a result of our thoughts.  With God’s help, if we consider what we think about (be that healthy or destructive thoughts), we can realistically look adjusting our actions, behaviors & attitudes to have more godly outcomes or effects in our lives.  Take an inventory of what you let yourself think about & be careful that you cultivate the thoughts that are in agreement with God’s Word 🙂

Just Love

I think if we are honest, we all want to be loved rather than used & we do crazy things for love that we think is genuine. But I’m having a strange thought this morning – perhaps we are supposed to be the channel through which God genuinely loves others. Furthermore, we might just be the only encounter someone may have today with genuine love. And with this in mind, when God loves through me, there’s always more than enough love – no shortage of genuine love. So with the help of the Holy Spirit, The Supreme Helper, let’s let genuine love flow through us today 🙂

spinning plates – TOTALLY FUNNY!!!

Ok, most of us have lots of spinning plates in our lives & depending on the season there are a few more or less.  So here’s some help & humor to keep a bit of balance:

  • humor – watch this first: spinning plates
  • God’s priorities versus self-fulfillment – sometimes we take on extra stuff because the achieving makes us feel good, until we get overwhelmed.  So a good question to ask ourselves is:  Did God give me this assignment or is this a self pursuit?
  • use styrofoam or metal plates ,)
  • keep discrete boundaries – keep each plate on it’s own pole without letting it’s workload bleed over into other areas (family, work, school, relationships, etc)
  • learn to lean into God – independence, dependence & interdependence:  God’s preferences for us don’t include independence from God
  • daily balance – what worked yesterday isn’t guaranteed to be the same for today;  stay agile
  • of SUPREME IMPORTANCE:  maintain a healthy & vibrant relationship with God, otherwise disaster will nip at your heels, ring your doorbell & greet you at the most unexpected & undesirable times

a different point of view

I’ve traveled quite a bit in my life & when I go overseas, it feels pretty seamless to me.  So when I get to travel with people who have never been out of the country, it’s always interesting to get to watch their reactions & observations.  What I’ve found to be super powerful is to watch my various friends who go with me on Saving Moses trips to see how God opens their eyes & changes them.  With this in mind, please check out this link of one of our video guys to get his insights on our trip to Cambodia last month:  Lance Goes to Cambodia

This post is hypocritical

I’m presently riding home from a brief but very nice mini-vacation in the mountains with my husband. We had a lovely time relaxing, reading & hiking. This get-away has reminded me of the importance of having margins in our lives. My problem is that I tend to run my life in the red zone & squeeze in just “one more thing.”.
So here’s my “do as I say & not as I do” advice for those of us who do life in the red zone: there’s lots of good wisdom with God’s commandment to remember the Sabbath. Making intentional time each week to pause, listen & re-group can help create those essential margins we need to keep from the general engine failure that happens from red zone living 🙂


What is unfamiliar or unknown

Reece & I are taking a few days of vacation & we met some nice people yesterday with whom we had some enjoyable conversations. I find it interesting that when we first meet people, we tend to look for what we have in common & our conversations grow based on those commonalities or stop with the lack of commonalities. This has started me to thinking about how much we “chat” with God based on how different God is from us. I wonder if I don’t sometimes cut short some discussions with God because I don’t understand. Thankfully, God has come to us through Jesus & has done all the work to bridge any gaps of understanding. So my take away is to stay in those conversations & situations with God that can seem unclear & to be faithful in genuine love.

all that & more

I have some really cool friends & they all have their unique strengths.  I have some with whom I laugh tons, some that keep my feet on the ground, some who specialize in encouragement along with lots more!  So here’s some really cool stuff about Jesus – He’s The Healer, He’s The Repairer, He’s our Joy, He’s our Strength, He’s our Provision, He’s our Love and so much more.  For me, this helps me to bring all of my brokenness as a human & nestle into His Wholeness as God.  Jesus is all of this & so much more! 😀

getting rid of toilets :)

 I had a movie moment from “The Help” yesterday when I took the trash out.  We recently had to replace a few toilets in our house for various reasons & I hauled the broken ones to the curb, along with our other trash, hopeful that the trash guys would pitch the “thrones” into a place of higher glory ,)  Thankfully, we kept the old toilets in the boxes that the new toilets came in, hoping to avoid offending the sensitivities of more delicate people.

With all that being said, I thought about how our really nice trash guys come by once a week & haul away the collection of trash that the five of us have accumulated over the course of a week.  Maybe I take this trash maintainence for granted because it’s just part of life’s routines – which has started me to thinking.  I think that from time to time, we need to clean out the trash in our thoughts & stuff that corrupts our hearts / minds by allowing the Holy Spirit to shine truth into our lives & de-clutter the accumulation of dribble, froth, deception, dysfunction & general refuse that we can accumulate in our hearts & minds.  Paul says that whatever is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely & a good report that we are to think on these things – the rest can get thrown into the trash & washed away by Jesus’ blood 🙂