Some advice for making decisions

We all have to make decisions of various sizes & importance.  We are continually making decisions, even when we don’t know it – we make decisions about what we will think about, how we let ourselves feel, what we say, about our clothing, how we use our time, our priorities, what we listen to, etc.  In each day, we make hundreds of decisions.  Some decisions don’t need alot of wisdom or consideration (brushing our teeth, going to the restroom, etc).  However, there are decisions for each of us that are important.  So here’s some practical advice for decision making:

  1. Balance analysis & indecision with impulsiveness & urgency:  it seems to me that we often swing from a quick decision to the paralysis of analysis.  Both extremes have their shortcomings & hazards
  2. Big decisions may need more time – my own tendency is to make hasty decisions which usually don’t turn out the way that I want.  When I slow down, I usually make better decisions
  3. Get advice from the right people – Proverbs says that there’s wisdom in the counsel of wise people
  4. Sometimes it helps to make a list of pros & cons with the decisions on which we are working
  5. Consider your weaknesses & strengths and how they play into the decisions that you need to make
  6. What is the loving & righteous decision?  These two words are super important with making decisions
  7. Prayer – I can never over-emphasize the importance of praying & seeking for God’s wisdom / input

One thought on “Some advice for making decisions

  1. Hmmmm Life – First of all step back and take a deep breath unless it is an emergency, then you need Supernatural intervention. On one of your shows you had Cindy Trimm she wrote, “You have been given the opportunity to create a masterpiece of your life. While your thoughts are the colors you use to paint the background, your words are the brushes you use to fill in each detail.” Check out your confessions remembering that in the beginning God said – He spoke…

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