success in hardship

 Hardship comes at us in many different forms:  sickness, family challenges, job frustrations, relationship struggles, failures, etc.  Some hardships are more difficult than others, but there’s an important thing to remember about hardships – it is precisely through the hardships that confront us that we can get some great results.  I’ve directly experienced this in our efforts to get nightcare up and running with Saving Moses.  Through hardships we:

  • get a realistic view of how our weakspots affect us
  • recognize our inadequacy & the importance of reaching out for help – fostering community
  • face the fact that we are designed to need God in our lives, not merely as an accessory, but more realistically as an essential
  • appreciate that despite our best efforts, we’re not invincable nor all-powerful
  • need hardships for they are often the substance through which we grow & get stronger

So along with Paul in the Bible, let’s celebrate the opportunities that come to us through hardship (2 Cor 4:17 & 2 Cor 12:9-10)