New Seasons

This Summer has been a really wonderful time with my family & enjoying some fun activities & great relationships. Its been interesting trying to balance & juggle the various schedules, events & priorities – sometimes more successfully than others. Nevertheless, it seems to me that life has different seasons & these seasons help us with our flexibility & working through changes. What I think is super important to keep in the various seasons through which we go are some hints that never change:
*God always loves you because God is love
*you won’t be proficient in everything in your life – that’s God’s job & not ours ,)
*change is more constant in our lives than non-change
*we always need God in our lives 🙂

One thought on “New Seasons

  1. It definitely has been a busy summer for me and my family too. But I couldnt agree with you more, “New Seasons” do “help us with our flexibility & working through changes.” New seasons allow me to see just how much God really is in control of EVERY AREA and EVERY DETAIL of our lives. No matter how complex or seemingly chaotic things may seem, God is truly in control over every situation. That gives me so much peace knowing He has got my back no matter what. This summer I think we’ve been on the road traveling more than we have actually been at home. We have even had some mini-crisis episodes, unexpected illness, and two surgeries which have taken place already ……. and I have urgent surgery scheduled for Monday) but even through all that we have been battling — God has had us and continues to keep us in the palm of His hand. But all in all it has been a summer season of great spiritual growth. And I’m definitely on higher ground in the spirit.

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