Be still, oh anxious thoughts

Today is my kids’ 1st day back to school so we all have those 1st school day jitters – nervous about new teachers, classmates, new subjects, what’s the school year going to be like, being accepted, friends etc. As their mom, I find myself also a bit nervous & jittery. So we all get to explore what it means to trust God with our unique jitters with their stuff as well as mine – decisions, future direction, . For myself, I find that receiving Jesus’ peace is wrapped in the same decision as rejecting anxiety. When I try to fight anxiety, for me it only seems to get bigger when I don’t simultaneously receive Jesus’ peace to guard my heart & mind. So I’m accepting Jesus’ peace & keeping the anxious thoughts outside to wither in the glorious light & truth of the Holy Spirit 🙂

3 thoughts on “Be still, oh anxious thoughts

  1. Great post Sister Sarah. Definitely ministers to me right now. Just wanted to also ask you to please pray for our Church (New Life Family Church) today. We are dealing with a real serious issue and need Gods Hand to deliver us. Thank you. Blessings. 

  2. May God bless you with some great vitamin D3

    Don’t Doubt!!!
    Determine is it your heart or your head talking to you!!
    Deliverence -especially for Daily Bread and for just what you need Today!.

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