getting rid of toilets :)

 I had a movie moment from “The Help” yesterday when I took the trash out.  We recently had to replace a few toilets in our house for various reasons & I hauled the broken ones to the curb, along with our other trash, hopeful that the trash guys would pitch the “thrones” into a place of higher glory ,)  Thankfully, we kept the old toilets in the boxes that the new toilets came in, hoping to avoid offending the sensitivities of more delicate people.

With all that being said, I thought about how our really nice trash guys come by once a week & haul away the collection of trash that the five of us have accumulated over the course of a week.  Maybe I take this trash maintainence for granted because it’s just part of life’s routines – which has started me to thinking.  I think that from time to time, we need to clean out the trash in our thoughts & stuff that corrupts our hearts / minds by allowing the Holy Spirit to shine truth into our lives & de-clutter the accumulation of dribble, froth, deception, dysfunction & general refuse that we can accumulate in our hearts & minds.  Paul says that whatever is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely & a good report that we are to think on these things – the rest can get thrown into the trash & washed away by Jesus’ blood 🙂