spinning plates – TOTALLY FUNNY!!!

Ok, most of us have lots of spinning plates in our lives & depending on the season there are a few more or less.  So here’s some help & humor to keep a bit of balance:

  • humor – watch this first: spinning plates
  • God’s priorities versus self-fulfillment – sometimes we take on extra stuff because the achieving makes us feel good, until we get overwhelmed.  So a good question to ask ourselves is:  Did God give me this assignment or is this a self pursuit?
  • use styrofoam or metal plates ,)
  • keep discrete boundaries – keep each plate on it’s own pole without letting it’s workload bleed over into other areas (family, work, school, relationships, etc)
  • learn to lean into God – independence, dependence & interdependence:  God’s preferences for us don’t include independence from God
  • daily balance – what worked yesterday isn’t guaranteed to be the same for today;  stay agile
  • of SUPREME IMPORTANCE:  maintain a healthy & vibrant relationship with God, otherwise disaster will nip at your heels, ring your doorbell & greet you at the most unexpected & undesirable times