My Dad was a Collector

My dad was a collector & where other people saw trash, my dad could see treasure – that’s one of the reasons that he was a great pastor. The Sunday after he died, my mom did a message that’s been extremely practical for me. She talked about how we have “this treasure in earthen vessels.” It’s been super helpful for me because sometimes I can get frustrated with people for various reasons. But from mom’s message I was challenged to consider if I tend to focus more on the crack pot & less on the treasure. Furthermore, it’s been my experience that when I treat people as worthwhile & valuable (treasures), they often act less foolish & more valuable.
So here’s my challenge for us: look more for the treasure & less for the trash 🙂

6 thoughts on “My Dad was a Collector

  1. I had the pleasur of being invited to Pastor Wally’s art walks and garage sale runs on the weekends and remember him stating just that very subject. What a lovely man, pastor, and friend. I was so privaleged to know him (and working with you and for your mom-very special time in my life).

  2. I am truly sorry for the mourning, you endure during this difficult time.
    Thankful, that He had Jesus, and that he had impacted many others to live the life of Christ.

  3. The journey – the passages – the destination…In my journey I have moved 8 times in 4 years and still have stuff – treasures…hmmmm The message is real loud and clear to get rid of my ‘stuff” – my treasures ( cause ain’t no u-hauls making it into heaven swim fins/goggles/ski boots/PICTURES etc.). So if people have treasures then indeed look at what is important. But as I recall when disciples were dispersed – what was in their suitcase… ahhhh nothing??? Oh I know that was just meant for the disciples time – like healing… miracles…uhhhhh nope same message – rich young rulers. Perhaps that’s why Solomon said, “It’s all vanity, baby”, and he should know because he was the King of Treasures – Stuff. Good luck w/yours. Smile

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