Frankenstorm Sandy

I’ve been watching the news & updates on the horrible weather on the East Coast & I’m really praying for everyone who is enduring this catastrophe. As I was thinking about this, I remembered a storm that Paul endured in Acts 27 & this was a storm of massive proportions: lasted 14 days, they couldn’t tell night from day, they threw over the boat all of their cargo & tackle gear, along with not eating for several days. For all practical purposes, everyone on the boat had given up hope for staying alive, except for Paul. Here were a few things Paul did in the middle of this awful storm:
*he stayed practical, advising everyone to eat some food to keep up their strength
*he kept his confidence & focus on Jesus more than anything else
*he encouraged the people in the boat with him, giving them hope that things would get better

Paul is a good role model for us when we go through storms!

2 thoughts on “Frankenstorm Sandy

  1. Ohhh come on – you sugar coated it. You intellectualized it… you know as well as I do that it was a whopper and what was going on trying to keep there pants clean, wondering the next minute if they were gong to be alive in the darkest of night and the blackest of water. Double Yikes gripping on for dear life thinking about the Jonah story that was all too familiar… I wonder how many promises were made – “If I can only get through this storm…”But God…
    It will be very interesting to see where things are a week from today – who says that the perfect storm didn’t have a message.. We’ll see

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