Dealing with criticism

I haven’t met many people who enjoy being criticized. It’s not fun & can often be hurtful. But here’s some thoughts that might be helpful:
*listen & process – often times there is at least a grain of truth in some of the critical content
*forgive – criticism is usually hurtful & the most constructive way to deal with hurt is by forgiving
*grow – chose to grow & learn. Get better & not bitter
*intentions – when a person is critical of us they may have mean intentions or maybe helpful. What a person intends is not as important as what we do with the criticism 🙂

4 thoughts on “Dealing with criticism

  1. I have learned that some critical people are very insecure. I pray for them that God would show them how precious they are to Jesus and I always bless them in spite of the mean things they might say. I know who I am in Jesus and I’ve learned to discern whether the criticism is harmful or helpful. I’m not perfect and I make mistakes. So if the criticism is meant to be helpful and change something about myself. I do it. Also if I’ve hurt someone I ask their forgiveness and let them know how sorry I am. It usually difuses the situation. Love you both!!!

    • A friend of mine in ministry taught me to say to the person “Ya know I’m going to pray about that. Thank you.” Then she DOES pray and the Lord will show her if it’s a “blind” area in her;( which of course
      the Lord has mercy and grace for ) OR it’s the other person struggling ( same mercy and grace apply ) ! It’s a win/win situation either way!

  2. Love comes in all different shapes, forms, and fashions. When someone is being critical – It is like pouring the contents into a jar. YOU decide what you want to do with those contents. Put it on the shelf? – maybe pour it into the sink? -maybe? Turn on the disposal? Probably hahaha, but sometime you might use the apple cider vinegar in very small proportions depending on whether you are pickling, but it is your choice.

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