Is there a problem with Thanksgiving?

Tomorrow is our wonderful American holiday of Thanksgiving, the day when we do some of these activities: overeat, watch football, enjoy or tolerate family & cook boatloads of food, among lots of other things. Generally, Thanksgiving is perceived as a nice holiday & to be really honest, I’m close to deciding that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
With all that being said, here are a few problems that we can work on to make this an awesome holiday:
*culmination rather than celebration: lets aim to make gratitude a lifestyle rather than a 1 day event
*just like turkey & stuffing make a nice complement, so do thanksgiving & forgiveness 🙂
*fellowship trumps football – ‘nuf said ,)

2 thoughts on “Is there a problem with Thanksgiving?

  1. I’m thankful for your morning shows on Daystar – you did another marvelous job today….sooooo when are the new ones coming out..
    Your hairstyle is the tell tale sign of what’s new and what’s not, but of course you knew that – Smile. So I’m thankful for your ministry, you, and all the people that shaped you and I pray for strength, stamina, and endurance to meet all the challeges that are associated with being chosen.

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