my dad’s passing & grief

Well, my dad passed away a little over a month ago & it’s been a weird time & kind of like a whirlwind.  Before we had his memorial service, I had a quick trip to Rome with mom & our group trip.  While I totally love Rome, my visit was a little bittersweet, as I recalled some of the times I’d been there with my dad.  After the Rome visit, we had a really amazing memorial service for my dad & we were nothing less than overwhelmed with the support, prayers, kind words & gratitude expressed during this service – completely AMAZING!!

It’s been a few weeks now since the memorial service & while I think that we (mom & I) are generally doing pretty well, there are certainly some moments when it gets difficult and sad for me.  I’m finding that these moments are really unpredictable (watching my daughter play basketball & remembering my dad watch me, driving to church to present a difficult sermon, typing this blog now, . . . .).  With all of that being said, I’m learning to value & appreciate the different ways that God is helping me and that I am not invincible nor impervious.  Jesus carries our griefs and sorrows – we aren’t designed to bear that weight.  So let’s join together & give Jesus our cares, worries, sorrows and griefs because Jesus is the ultimate Hercules 🙂

7 thoughts on “my dad’s passing & grief

  1. Hi Sarah, ya I’m sure it’s hard, now that the holiday are here. I have you and mom in thought and prayer. Did you get my symphthy card, and also did you get my Thanksgiving card? I hope so!!

  2. your Daddy was your #1 fan – I thought of that fact when you commented on how Crazy Excited you were at Belle’s game. In that ‘Great Cloud of Witnesses’ your Daddy is still your #1 fan… Ok, next to Jesus.

  3. Yes, when someone that close to you dies, it seems like anything and everything reminds you of them; a change in the weather, a can of tuna at the grocery store, summer, fall, winter, spring…everything reminds you of them…thank God, The Lord Jesus Christ, He comforts us in all our tribulation that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble…2Cor. 1:4

  4. I Am so sorry about Your Dad. I didnt know . May the comfort of God be with You and Your Mom this holiday season and always. It will be hard cause You miss Him. Just try to remember the years You spent together and what a blessing He was in Your life.

  5. Sarah, Our prayers are with you and your family..Wally was the “BEST” He so loved his family and also his extended family. I remember all his trips back to Nebraska and looked forward to seeing him whenever possible…Do you remember the trip you made with your dad to Nebraska? I don’t know what year it was, but I do remember sitting next to you and visiting at the restaurant in Columbus. Got to know you a little bit. We’ve made several trips out to see you all and the church. But its been a long time. I know Pat and Pam made it to the memorial service. We had just gotten home after being gone two weeks so weren’t able to make it.

    I remember Wally used to say he was so pleased that one, so far, in his extended family had received the “baptism of the Holy Spirit”….(me). He always made me feel special! He did love “all” of his family and always showed it. He wrote us quite often.

    We are sending a memorial gift of $50 to “Saving Moses” in Uncle Wally’s name. Perhaps we will be able to see you again one day…if not, we will all be together in Heaven one day! Love, your cousin, Diana Johnson Hill.

  6. I can tell you Sarah, that loss is a process!! I do know what you are going thru. I lost my father when I was 10… He passed on Dec 14th and for many many years, Christmas was just sad! I lost my mom almost 15 years ago and still miss her… The blessing in these memories are exactly what you’re experiencing… Wonderful thoughts to reflect on! It’s really ok to tear up, break down, or just quietly cherish your memories. but guess what…we know we’ll be rejoined one day!! And that’s a promise that we can cling to!! God bless your family, including mom, during this Christmas season. You are loved by many ;-))). Kris Johannesen

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