navigating landmines

The first time I visited Angola with Saving Moses, our host quickly explained that although the civil war in Angola was finished, there are still more than 10million active landmines scattered throughout the country.  As we were driving, they explained that whenever we saw a tree with red painted on the branches or trunk, that the field or area behind that tree had not been cleared of landmines.  If the tree had white painted on it, the field had been cleared.  To add to the excitement, most of the terrain through which we drove had neither red nor white marked on the trees so I guess we were just supposed to figure it out!

Sometimes our lives feel like they have lots of landmines – places of conflict, explosive potential and unseen danger.  And like my experience in Angola, it’s not always possible to know where these landmines might be in our lives.  With that being said, here are some helpful point for navigating possible landmines in your life:

  • keep your eyes on Jesus – let Jesus be your guide as you walk through life, directing your decisions, thoughts, interactions and more
  • ask for wisdom from God – James tells us that God gives us wisdom when we ask with faith
  • trust God – Ps 23 says that even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we won’t fear evil because God is with us