pandemonium, pressure and peace

It seems to me that in almost every Christmas season, there comes a time when all of the pressures, activities, demands and general busy-ness shifts into the frenzied and frantic zone and the chaos threatens to swallow me into a abyss of cluttered insanity (sorry for all of the adjectives).  In the midst of all of this, I find my heart getting really still and quiet, seeking to create some serenity, calm and peace.  Even now, I have a few unexpected moments of quiet and while I’m writing this, I find myself letting go of some of the season’s stress and receiving some much needed divine peace.

So my friend, please be sure that with all of this season’s demands and expectations, don’t neglect to take those essential moments to be still and celebrate our Prince of Peace 🙂

One thought on “pandemonium, pressure and peace

  1. Dear Sarah, as you may well already know, ‘cluttered insanity’ has been a menace to my life for many years and your words concerning peace and quiet I find quite propheticly spoken as this specific time. I think it was about 2 weeks ago when I could not sleep one minute for about 5 days strait. It was a battle of battles but much needed in order to bring me to this day of much needed sanity. Well, again I went thru about about 36 hours of sleepless cluttered insanity until late last night I finally turned down the volume and discovered this peace and quiet you speak of. Its amazing how refreshed I feel today after good rest. Thanks again for all you are doing and the depths in which you do so. Yours truely, the tenth letter.
    Ps. I left you and your Mom a letter a little while ago and just want you two to know that certain issues I speak of are only because I do not fully understand my calling and it is my intention to seek out God’s perfect will concerning the mysteries that surround me. I don’t understand a lot of things about myself and please forgive me for placing any type of unnessisary burden upon your ministry.

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