Trifling with trust

I read this morning in 1 Sam 13 about how Saul got really stressed out & jumped ahead of Samuel & offered a sacrifice without Samuel. In verse 11 Samuel confronts Saul to find out why he acted so brashly. Saul’s reply is really interesting to me. Basically, he says there are 3 reasons why he wrongly did the sacrifice thing: the philistines were closing in, the Israelites were slowly leaving him & Samuel hadn’t shown up. Personally, I think these are all really legit reasons. But the core problem was that Saul made the decision not to trust God & to take matters into his own hands – and this behavior is
extremely familiar to me & maybe to you as well. It didn’t turn out well for Saul, nor does this technique usually work for me either. So the moral of the story is that no matter how many good reasons we may have, our trust in God can never be a negotiating point 🙂

5 thoughts on “Trifling with trust

  1. This very morning I was having a discussion with my family is going through very hard power for 3 months, now no water, no food stamps, just a dark trailer heated with a kerosene stove and lit by LED lanterns. There are 2 boys, ages 13 and 9, the 13 year old refuses to stay with his dad anymore. The mother has been out of the picture for years. That is my son’s family. In my daughter’s, they have issues, too. Her 17 year old refuses to listen to anyone, keeping all in emotional blackmail, refusing to go to school, etc…

    In both cases, you cannot go through life without following rules. Rules are for a reason and listening to God is one that should not be broken. When anyone stops listening to God and chooses to make their own rules of life, trouble follows.

    I can’t get my family to understand that. Can anyone help me?
    You may email me…

  2. Absolutely!!! Whoah, tough one! I believe someone has said there are 3 different types of education. The first one is book learning – going to school. Next is you making a mistake and learning from it, and the final one is watching someone else make a mistake and you learning from their mistake so you don’t make the same one. Smile

  3. God is fine-tuning my heart to trust and to hold back my need to respond from anxiety. I am learning to ask God what to do when He doesn’t show me. I’m also leaning to recognize his urgent promps vs my fleshes anxous feelings. Peace and rest are the place I want to move from. he is also showing me what it means to go low in Him and truly be in His hands thus all my life is directed by Him. I want more revelation about this.

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