catching your breath

Well, I’m not sure if I’ve managed this week or if this week has managed me.  At this point, it kind of feels like I might be a victim of this week’s crazy, busy & seasonal madness but there’s a chance that I can still win ,)  

If you’re also feeling the similar seasonal pressures and demands, hopefully the thoughts below can give some peace:

  • God loves you and nothing can increase or decrease that love
  • Jesus, the Prince of Peace, still calms storms, heals hurts & provides essentials
  • there is no hardship or struggle that is bigger than God
  • not everything is mission critical ,)

One thought on “catching your breath

  1. We all know the reason for the season, but the best part was getting back to the basics of rightousness – acts of kindness. We have a “rightoeous” God who performs for us ‘unusual acts of kindness. – Grace!
    The best part was making the ol’fashioned things and giving them away – zuchini pickles, almond cookies, beef/lamb jerky, and brownies yum! It took quite a bit of time and it became a labor of love. It was tough to compete with the electronic world, but it was well worth watching the expression of appreciation in consumption of the natural blessings. A gift card, really?.

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