More including & less excluding

I was recently talking with God about a frustrating conversation I’d had & it felt like God kind of challenged me to include Them (Trinity) more – not just after the fact but during the situation & even before. Being the independent person that I am, I tend to jump into things with both feet & then yell for help. Today, I feel like God is challenging me to include Them in greater ways – to open the door for God to move, direct & participate in more of my life & not just in limited compartments or at limited times.
Here are some good benefits to including God more:
*greater wisdom, direction & peace
*better outcomes than my solo efforts
*deeper relationship with God
*better communication, transparency & trust with God

6 thoughts on “More including & less excluding

  1. I am like you, I tend to leap and then cry out for help. It is so important to spend time in prayer seeking His will each day and listening for what He has to say. When I do, I find that He changes the plans I had for the day and His plans are always greater than mine.

  2. Ty Sarah, for your insight and wisdom! Have been a big follower of you and your mom for quite awhile!! Be blessed and keep coming with the great blogs! My day always goes better the more direction I ask from god all day!!

  3. I like that you referred to the Trinity as ‘them’.. embracing & relying on all facets of all three. Great good for thought today. 🙂

  4. Ok – Once again a great transitioning thought for reinforcing our Spiritual needs with the Big 3!!! I like the action / re-action factors
    I like it when you enjoin the scriptural basis of your thought to help meditate throughout the day. I don’t believe it is too “preachy”, but rather helps to amplify the good news.Maybe it’s just me seeking more information or affirming truth

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