I’d like your thoughts & input

Greetings & happy Wednesday to you!

One of the things I really love about blogging, fb, twitter, etc is how interactive we can be!!  I love getting to see your input & thoughts – they’re often extremely insightful, encouraging, challenging & helpful!  With this in mind, I’m working on a sermon about prayer that I’ll be giving in a week or so & I’m really keen to know of any books, websites, testimonies, resources, etc that have been helpful to you in relation to prayer.  So, please, please, please, leave me a comment, some advice with resources, websites, etc – thanks in advance for helping me to be more successful from your input!  🙂


13 thoughts on “I’d like your thoughts & input

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Your ministry teaching and lessons are a blessing to me. I enjoy seeing
    your show with your Mother on Marilyn and Sarah.

    I think that a book that stands out in my mind that has made an impression on me is ” The Prayerful Spirit ” by Dr James P. Gills. In his book he describes in detail the many different aspects of prayer and the importance of cultivating a strong prayer life. There is a paragraph in ” The Prayerful
    Spirit ” that might help illustrate how Gills approaches the subject….
    he writes…” Prayer is active, and not pasive. Even when we meditate quietly, seeking God’s voice, we are faithful, fervent and focused on Him.
    Building a lifestlye of prayer requires earnest communication and hard work. ” ….Gills writes several strategies to help fight lethargy and complacency and to strengthen our prayer life.

    Lynn Smith

  2. Well, your mom has taught me that “angels move at the command of God’s Word” I can’t find that exact scripture, but, i “pray the promise instead of the problem,” also from one of your mom’s teachings. I try to teach others to always give thanks for all things in their prayer, then pray the promise for their problem, believing the answer is in God’s promise. Hope this was helpful.

  3. Oh Sarah Im going to apologize first for the extra long reply, but prayer is currently the “school” subject that Holy Spirit enrolled me in almost a year ago. Since then I have gathered many biblical / Word based resources and books on prayer.

    First of all I would like to mention “Prayers: The Little Red Prayer Book” which can be downloaded for free by going to http://www.christianword.org
    or if you prefer an actual book they will send you a free copy by mail by writing to: Christian Word Ministries, 428 Southland Drive, Lexington, Kentucky 40503. These prayers are completely scripture based, and teaches beginning or advanced “pray-ers” how to pray God’s Word and His Will for their lives.

    Here is a list of some classic prayer books that I consider to be great resources:

    1. My House Shall Be A House Of Prayer: Lessons from the School of Prayer – Lance Lambert
    (available from Christian Testimony Ministry, 4424 Huguenot Road, Richmond, VA 23235) http://www.christiantestimonyministry.com

    2. Rees Howells: INTERCESSOR: The Story of A Life Lived For God
    by: Norman Grubb (available on Amazon.com)

    3. The Prayer Shield: How To Intercede For Pastors, Christian Leaders, and others on the Spiritual Frontlines – by: C. Peter Wagner (available on Amazon.com)

    4. The Voice and Leading of God – by: Grace Ryerson Roos
    5. Prayer Letters – by: Grace Ryerson Roos
    6. The Blood – by: Grace Ryerson Roos
    (All can be purchased on http://www.billyebrim.org)

    **There are also many classic books from many pioneers of prayer such as, Andrew Murray, that are available on http://www.Amazon.com).

    Lastly, here are three posts on my blog which central theme is prayer:




    Hope this helps … If you need anything else don’t hesitate to ask. Blessings & Love to you.

  4. I attend Full Harvest International Church and Bishop Clarence McClendon has written a book on prayer. It’s titled “And when you Pray” it was helpful to me and hopefully helpful to you as well if you decide to check it out. I believe there are also cd’s as well with the same title offered on his website bookstore. Be Blessed…….

  5. Ok but the trade is that you post when you are going to give the message – so that us locals can attend. Thx.
    Here is a Holy Spirit Sound Byte Moment – I was just talking to a client as i was pulling up your post and I commented that I understood what she was saying because ” I was in sales, too.” She corrected me and said, “oh, no I am in solutions!” I laughed and said – that is just like God – He is into Solutions (maybe different than ours, but…) God is in the solutions business- thus our prayer. God – show me the solution! Aha!

  6. Do it early in the day…Before the pressures of life come against you and before all the distractions of the rest of the world is cutting in.

  7. with Daniel it was how many times a day 5? Practice that Jack! Wow- here’s a twist put an envelope beside your desk and at 9-12-3-6-9pm put an offering in the envelope / any size / any kind – that will get your attention, then at the end of the week or month total it up and give it to the Lord. Selah

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