Stress can be good

Ok, before you get stressed out with me about the title of this blog, here’s something good that I’m observing that can come from stress. Probably like you, I have varying degrees of stress in my life – from the quickie stress that comes from being late bc of traffic to the massive stress that can come from job & family pressures (or various other things). What I’m noticing is that the greater the intensity of the stress the more I find myself pressing into God & ultimately, it is never a bad thing to press into God nor to depend on God, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel.
So what we do with stress can often be more important than the actual stress 🙂

2 thoughts on “Stress can be good

  1. As you know from the # of my responses I am a supporter, encourager – I hope, and admirer of your personal ministry, however you just seem to be extra stressed lately on your shows. I iknow life and the ministry can be multiple stressful and one of the problems I have is who can I go to that doesn’t have an agenda or personal connection to my life and is attuned to the Spirit of God??? Sometimes the only one left which should be at the front of the line is Jesus. So, now I have to put it in terms of stress like my ex- mother-in-law it has to be good / hahaha.

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