A secret for some happiness

Last night I had some friends over for dinner & I really enjoyed making a nice dinner for everyone (I even tried some new recipes that weren’t too bad). As I sat & enjoyed the fellowship, my family & food, one of the things that I enjoyed the most was that our meal couldn’t be repaid.
This is my same experience with saving Moses – I get to give to babies & toddlers with a pure heart & no strings attached. It brings me great joy & happiness when I get to freely give & bless others. Somewhere it says that it’s more blessed to give than receive ,)

4 thoughts on “A secret for some happiness

  1. Yep I believe that is what it (life) is all about. Rightousness – acts of kindness / giving. It’s the gasoline for our tanks to get down the journey of life. Great Point!

  2. I love your loving kindess . You and your Mom are so very important to us, your brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus ! Thankyou for sharing your insights into the ways of walking love.:)

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