Different Ways

I’m learning some cool things with God lately & right up front please know that I’m all about knowing God & having an increasingly deeper & deeper relationship with God. With these things in mind, I’m really dialed into prayer & being with God as well as working on different ways & modes of being with God. So this morning I had some nice prayer time with God – good stillness & connecting. But for me it can be tricky to keep that “level” of fellowship in the contexts of the many demands that I have on any given day. So I was talking with God about this challenge & i felt God speak to me that our fellowship doesn’t have to decrease throughout the various activities of the day – it just changes. The morning stillness gets to be adjusted to a more conversational context – chatting about what’s happening & even maintaining a continuous stream of dialogue. Don’t let your relationship with God get boxed into suffocating expectations. God has lots of ways, methods & strategies for connecting with us & we get to say whole heartedly, “YES!!!!”

One thought on “Different Ways

  1. Ok Thanks for the response, but likewise is brushing your teeth every morning and night a good idea, or is it just a good idea that your parents taught you which becomes a habit,? Do our habits define us?? Hhmmm
    I guess if my father demanded that i brush my teeth, and laid down the law, then it would not be such a “bam” experience,
    If we accidently missed some “brushing” moments then could we gracefully get by until the next cleaning? tsn’t it better to have your heavenly Father smile on the gracefullness of completing your task rather than having to “lay down law”? Smile:)

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