Friends are cool!

One of the ways that God expresses Their love (Trinity) to us is through friendships – and we get to also be a conduit through which God can express Their love through us! What a cool way for genuine love to be multiplied 🙂
And here’s my thinking, I think that genuine love is unlimited & cannot be confined, so friendships are one of these ways for love to be demonstrated. God is so cool in all of the different ways that They express love to us!! Saving Moses is another way that God shows genuine love as well 🙂 YAHOOO!!

2 thoughts on “Friends are cool!

  1. You ok? In Dale Carnegie courses they teach that it is mostly little bugs that kill the big trees rather than lightening. In the Bible it is the little foxes. Bugs or foxes either way I know there is a lot of stress in expectations. I know personally that the adversary is going throughout the earth trying to keep us from going to the next heaven. Your message is sooooo important-plz don’t take on any cares, but take care of yourself – ok. hmmmmm

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