In my “better moments”

We all have times when our thoughts can be very dark & depressing – those times when we are not at our best. When I was a kid & would be in a discouraged mindset, my dad would always say, “Sarah, you know in your better moments that these thoughts aren’t true.” My dad would encourage me to make healthy choices with my thinking & not to dwell on negativity or doubt – to be better at believing than doubting. He would remind me of my “better moments” as a path for my thoughts to start moving in a different direction rather than being stuck in the discouragement quagmire. So my friend, lets not ignore reality, but lets also with God’s help, let our thoughts reside in these “better moments”, filled with faith, hope & love 🙂

2 thoughts on “In my “better moments”

  1. Hmmmm after starting my mornings with M&S, along with my other morning rituals I find that I start to wander in the later afternoon, It’s either from being tired from work, or caught up in the monotony of the daily process. But it seems like there is a Torah principle that was practiced by Daniel, David, and Peter of having a specific prayer time. Notably it was at 9 -noon – 3 which included a specific prayer that help maintain the rest of the day. Without getting into the law/grace debate it seems there are certain rules of the road if followed helps us to practice (like a doctor) our spiritual endeavors, thus creating better moments. Smiles!

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